Wednesday, November 25, 2020


THE CAFE WILL CLOSE AT 3 PM TODAY! We will re open on Monday, November 29

Happy Thanksgiving!


Broccoli Cheddar CUP $4.95 | BOWL $6.95

Roasted Chicken Corn Chowder CUP $4.95 | BOWL $6.95 **KELLY** Stock up!

Angus Steak Chili CUP $5.95 | BOWL $7.95

Lentil Soup CUP $4.95 | BOWL $6.95

Beef Stew BOWL ONLY $6.95


Grilled Teriyaki Chicken ,Shitake Mushrooms and Cheese Sub $11.95

Buffalo-Caesar Popcorn Chicken Wrap with Jasmine Rice $12.95

BBQ Maple Bacon Steak n Cheese on Baguette $12.95

Crab Rangoon Grilled Cheese on Texas Toast $12.95

Pastrami Reuben with Swiss, 1000 Island, Sauerkraut on Griddled Rye $14.98

BBQ Meatloaf with Cheddar Cheese on Griddled Portuguese Roll $10